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    Rules of Institute:-

  • Training and courses are determined according to N.C.V.T. rules.
  • Session started from August or March in every year and examination center and time determined by examination office of Labor and Training Department.
  • Student must be in disciplined. If they don’t follow the rules of Institute they suspend from institute and in this condition no paid fee refunded.
  • After Admission trade will not transferred, from one trade to another trade. And no any changes in fee.
  • Monthly fee will be pay from 1st to 5th date of every month. If missed monthly fee then next month fine with Rs 50/- as late fee. If again next month missed then notice of admission failed will be issues.
  • No any fee transferred from one student to another student.
  • If student has any problem and complain then they contact to Director or Principle.
  • 80% attendance must for Student.
  • Those student who is not able to pay monthly fee, for that relief fund is available in institute.
  • During admission and periodically medical test treated by doctor.
  • According to state government holy days are provided.